About Us

Our story begins with the classic frustration of not being happy with existing solutions, so we built something better.

Previously running an SEO agency and watching the link building costs go from £500 per month, to £1k per month, before suddenly we were spending £10k per month for very poor quality websites that have no UK traffic. We believed we could do better. And we did. We slashed our Blogger outreach costs and improved the quality of Blogger sites meaning our clients Google rankings climbed as well.

And now we are doing the same for others.

We use a team of UK based copywriters which gives us flexibility to put content with the best writers for the sector and means a quick turnaround from placing an order to an article being put live. Without having to pay an additional price for 14 day turnaround....

Done well, Blogger outreach is one of the more tangible outcomes of SEO work as clients or bosses can see directly what they've got back for their SEO investment. Showing lots of amended page titles, H1/2/3 and alt tags is all great but can be challenging for the person paying the bill to grasp, whereas a link from a website that has a score is clear.

For a relatively low cost, why not just order one link from us to see if you like the service.

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Chris Pearson


With a desire to deliver a better link building solution for SMEs, Chris started LinkSync to take on the established known UK names but deliver better results. With a background in Finance and SEO, Chris knew there had to be a better way to deliver Link Building solutions for UK based SMEs.

"Better Blogger sites, quicker turnaround times and cheaper service are the 3 goals we are striving for."

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Michael Lemmer

Marketing Exec and Copywriter
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Juliet England

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Sam Bowles

Business Development