How do new websites benefit from Blogger Outreach?

You’ve spent lots of time and money getting your new website looking great but if it’s a completely new domain name it will sit on the internet looking pretty but not have any website friends. What do I mean? Your website will likely have no other websites pointing (linking) to it because no one knows it exists, because it’s new. So on day 1 of any new website (on a new domain) its likely you will have zero links from other websites and this is where Blogger Outreach comes in.

By using Blogger outreach you can have other websites publish content on their websites and included in that content is a link to your brand new website. Google likes this, as your website is no longer sitting in a corner of the web with no friends. Google wants to show people websites that have lots of valuable and relevant content which other websites recommend as shown by giving links from their own sites to the this new site.

It’s been mentioned more than once that Blogger Outreach is like dating, but for websites.

Blogger outreach isn’t the only way to get other websites linking to your new website. Here are a few others

  1. Directory websites – these websites list lots of websites and businesses as they act as searchable databases for business names and sectors. The benefit is these are often free to put your website in it. Think about,, Cylex-uk to name a few.
  2. Search Engine Map Listings – creating a profile on Google My Business and Bing Places will also give a link back to your website and these are also free so follow the steps and set these both up.
  3. Trade Associations – if you have a trade association then these often have directories where you can include your new website’s domain so don’t forget to check these.
  4. Networking Groups/Chambers – If you are a small or medium size business then you’ll likely participate in networking groups so see if they don’t have a directory section for your website then ask if you can write an article for their website that will give a link back to your own website
  5. Customers – if a customer has been really happy with the service you’ve provided then ask if they’ve be willing to give a link to your site via a written article on their blog, or a simple recommendation.
  6. Suppliers – unlike customers, you should have some leverage here so ask whether they’ll give you a link to your website or write a piece of content for them to publish

These are just some of the ways to get links to your website but you’ll probably notice that, if its not a directory website, it requires quite a bit of effort in contacting people, then writing the content, with no guarantee of success. This is why lots of business owners and marketing managers then rely on Blogger Outreach. With a service like ours you simply choose the quality of the bloggers website you’d like, tell us the page you’d like the link to go to and that’s it. Simple, quick and you get a good quality link back to your site within 14 days for a relatively low cost.

By having these new good quality links to your website, you’ll start to improve your website’s Domain Authority which helps in boosting all your Google rankings.

What about new pages on existing websites?

The same scenario applies to new webpages on existing sites. At the point you write a lovely new piece of content for your website or create a new service page, there will be no other websites (other than yours) linking to these pages. Being new that page has no other websites friends. Blogger outreach can then give these new pages increased exposure by using Blogger Outreach and help them gain Google rankings plus also get some eyes on your new page from users following the link from the Bloggers website.

If you want to see how simple it is to gain a link to one of your web pages then just click here and follow the steps.