Should I offer Blogger Outreach to my clients?

Lets start with a brief summary of what Blogger Outreach is – it’s the practice of getting Bloggers to publish content on their websites and, within that content, give a link to your client’s website.

Big companies like Tesla, Nike and Apple have such big brands and so many people interested in their products that Blog owners will write content from their own initiative because they know their readers will most likely be interested, plus serves as good social media fodder. Now if your client sells EV car chargers in a small village in Yorkshire, its very unlikely lots of international bloggers will hear about a new type of charger your client is installing and decide to write content about it. This is where outreach comes in.

Who can benefits from Blogger Outreach?

If your client has a brand new registered domain then they will for sure benefit and we’ve written an article here that explains why. But for bigger businesses they will often have a long established domain and will likely have been through a few websites over the years. These websites will likely have built up some good links from other websites over time but at some point the ability to get links from suppliers/customers/directories/local newspapers runs out. Google rewards one link from each domain so to keep improving a websites authority score and the authority scores of the pages within, regular link building is required.

Over time, previously good links can also be lost because suppliers go out of business, change domain names or just culled content that contained your links. This is another reason why a website’s authority can drop overtime if new links are not sourced to replace those that are lost.

How can I be sure of the quality of content linking to my client’s website?

We look at the anchor text you’ve supplied and the website of your client to match with a blogger that writes about similar topics. Then we at LinkSync write the content using our team of human copywriters. We don’t use AI to populate the content as we believe in the value brought by real people versus ChatGPT and other AI tools. This way we ensure the written content is of good quality and the bloggers website with this content is also of good quality.

Why don’t you use AI to generate the written content?

At the time of writing even the content from the paid for versions of tools like ChatGPT are easily identifiable by the search engines who have stated they will prioritise human written content over AI generate content. If you’ve used ChatGPT for lots of content writing you’ll know that it is very formulaic. So while good for the odd paragraph or heading structure, it is not good for readable long form content.

What will my client receive?

From us, nothing. You as the person placing the order, within 14 days, will receive the post title, live blogger link and the Domain Authority for each of the link orders you placed. You can see these links live and can share with your clients as one of the more visible deliverables of internet marketing. Often SEO reports can be rather intangible for clients to read but showing them a real article with a link to their website is very visual and easy to understand.

How can I build this into my clients retainer?

Depending how transparent your service level is for your client you can come up with your own terminology for what you are delivering, using our service. As an example, if you are planning on buying DA20+ links for your clients through our service you could call these “Medium Quality Links” then this gives you scope to up or down sell the quality if the need arrives going forward. Or if you want to be more transparent with your client you can include the DA20+ link as part of the monthly service. The amount you charge your client is up to you but our price is transparent for you to be able to factor the margin on top of our service (or not) you’d like to add. Its completely up to you and our service is flexible enough for you to provide 10 links per month for  a client or 1 per quarter.

Should I bulk buy links from the Gmail accounts that offer links/Blogger outreach?

In short no. There are lots of issues with the links provided by these people and also a reason why they email from a Gmail account rather than a proper business. We do lots of due diligence with our bloggers to ensure the traffic is genuine, they actually have UK traffic, the spam score is low and the website is stable. We build long term relationships with our Bloggers so we know who to trust and don’t risk using bad websites that could cause your clients domain harm.

Why would a link cause a domain harm?

There are people that create thousands of websites at scale that all link to each other to try and trick both Google and the website authority software scoring tools. Google is very difficult to trick and when it spots websites like this it black flags them so they don’t appear in the Google search results. If you have a link from one of these websites, then your website can be harmed purely by association. Google does have a process called “disavowing” to tell Google not to look at a specific harmful domain but the website authority score software tools aren’t as sophisticated as Google. So often, a website like those mentioned above can have a high Domain Authority score per Moz, but be black flagged by Google. These websites nearly always have no traffic or have erratic traffic profiles where they go from nothing to 10k visits in a month back to nothing. We review all of the traffic profiles for our bloggers to ensure your client isn’t matched with a black flagged website. The people spamming from Gmail accounts offer “high DA” websites which can be true but on closer inspection the traffic is suspicious and shouldn’t be used.

If you want to use a trusted Blogger Outreach supplier, that specialise in offering service to UK businesses and operates as a real company then get in touch with us and speak to Chris or one of the UK based team. If you’d like to talk through how to build this into a package for clients, feel free to also get in contact to see if we can help with some ideas.